Gliffy, the online diagramming tool.

our expertise

Analysis and Strategy
Application Design
Website design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Character Design


Gliffy is an online diagramming tool that lets users produce flowcharts, schematic plans and technical drawings. Gliffy came to TNC as a start up in 2008. Their drawing application with library of graphics needed a contemporary update.

TNC’s charge was to not only to clean Gliffy’s application architecture and visual design but also to improve usability of the interface. In addition to the online version of the application, user experience for Gliffy’s plug-ins, such as Jira and Confluence, also needed revamping. The improvement of the navigation included the clean up of the drawing tool options and subscription models. Gliffy wanted to transform their application experience into a memorable, collaborative and intuitive tool that engaged people.


We brought consistency in the user experience across the entire application and plug-ins by creating graphics, buttons and icons that work as part of a system. In addition to general interface development, we art-directed the creation of a new set of icons and drawing shapes. The new UI mirrors Gliffy’s premiere professional features and gives it a usability en par with it’s desktop application competitors.


In 2011, we also designed the matching website for Gliffy. The Gliffy robot is the mascot we developed. He is a memorable character who communicates the speed and personalized experience of the Gliffy drawing tools and shows up my many disguises to present the flexibility of the software.