Sierra Club, Awareness Campaign


As the world’s oldest and largest environmental organization, the Sierra Club exerts powerful influence during the US elections. With a 1.2 million strong subscriber base Sierra Club needs to continue to attract activists and reach a younger demographic of users.

In an effort to shine light on fossil fuel influences during the 2012 presidential election, Sierra Club decided to create a platform to speak out against money from special interests. They needed an effective and fun way to showcase user-generated content featuring talking points from the run up to the election. It also needed to serve as an educational resource so voters could learn about special interest campaign funding.


TNC developed high-level concepts, wire frames, info graphics and in a fast paced project took the final design concept through development and launch. The interactive site enabled creation of slideshows featuring unique ideas and initiating a lively online discussion around big oil and coal companies and their campaign donations. Using smart info graphics and data visualizations we translated the numbers to inform activists, providing a refreshing, fun platform to engage younger users.