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In a nascent tablet and portable online international news access, Microsoft joined NewspaperDirect in 2010 to introduce a modern newspaper experience on a tablet app. Microsoft was excited about their new W7 touch-screen capabilities, customizable content, and how the technology now available would allow users to view their choice newspapers on their MS tablets via PDF and text format in a fluid, elegant way.

After presenting an in depth round of ideations, Thinknoise Creative partnered with NewspaperDirect to translate user patterns of the existing PressReader service to a final touch screen concept, identify features and needs for the app, and define parameters for bookmarking, saving, listening, commenting, translating, forwarding and downloading news.


We developed a unique interaction and navigation approach for the new touch screen. It included a virtual newsstand that, through a complex algorithm, presented the most relevant news and publications to the user. The revitalized service introduced a new, elegant and exciting way of accessing 2300 international publications via the PressReader app and showcased the new Microsoft tablet capabilities. With the main user interface, we also defined a number of highly complex newspaper templates to flow in content coming from all different types of international Newspapers.