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Canara monitors the power infrastructure of data centers by embedding their proprietary sensor technologies into best of breed power equipment (UPS systems, batteries, power distribution, generators) and providing comprehensive monitoring software and services.

Canara asked us to match their client facing software interfaces with the excellence of their monitoring services and create an interface that would showcase the depth of useful data that Canara is harvesting.


Over the course of a year, TNC became an expert in electric engineering and data center structures. Starting with an exploration of the end users needs and conducting user interviews we completely redesigned and restructured the original software. Where we kept the original functionality, we made it easier to understand and more useful for the user. Where we introduced new functionality, we made sure that it was easily navigable. The visual design was brought up to a modern UI, while not alienating existing users.


After the research phase, we took a completely fresh view into version 1 of the Canara Dashboard in the ideation phase. We consolidated our insights and analysis, and presented concepts and opportunities for the redesign in high-level concept prototypes. In the design phase we then dove into the actual data sets, working closely with the Canara team to identify easy targets for the first rounds of redesigns, slowly moving to the complete re-imagination of the service.