Cisco WebEx Telepresence UI

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Interaction Design
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In a constant drive to launch to new generations of conference products, improving the information management and administration features for their WebEx Telepresence product is a must. We worked as close collaborators with the internal team to find solutions for a complex set of challenges.

WebEx Telepresence has a complex set of features. New users sign up and member sign on were a part of the flow. Administrators needed a streamlined management process of complex user data. The database of contacts had to seamlessly integrate into the service.


Thinknoise Creative worked closely with the Cisco engineering and content managing teams to revitalize the UI for all users of this important Cisco product, creating a simple, intuitive interaction for the different audiences and users. By developing a sign up wizard, the process for new users was transformed into an inviting and clear experience, internal or client administrators were now directed to an admin portal that clearly improved the user experience of different user types.