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A non-profit company committed to advancing science, reducing risk, and improving life through educational training resources, was excited to develop a health education curriculum for the global community around HIV and AIDS, as well as unwanted pregnancies. The curriculum could be customized for a specific country and region. By working with government health agencies and basing the studies on the students needs and the teachers capabilities, they wanted to ensure that the curriculum could be accessed by all levels of heath professionals from the simple teacher to the minister of health.

With global nature of the project, targeting especially the African continent as well as South America, the creation of an overreaching platform was necessary. We did not want to reflect specific regional or ethnic ideas or preconceived notions, but let the content speak for itself. The framework needed to be neutral and professional, especially in the light of the subject matter. Each country was able to build their own curriculum based on regional preferences, taboos or laws.


We created high-level wireframes and in depth explorations of the possible navigational structure for the site. It was important to give a high level overview of the content while allowing for access to the details without confusing the user. We created an interactive experience that would allow the user to create his or own curriculum, while receiving feedback about the progress. In addition the system also gave recommendations for core content and was advising the user on combing content for maximum impact for the students.