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Renaissance Learning is a technology-based educational company with a primary focus on accelerating K12 learning. They are a world leader in education with over 900 employees in six U.S. locations and subsidiaries in Canada and the United Kingdom. Their Reading application allows monitoring of the students’ progress by following their progress through personalized quizzes and online support. It also personalizes and guides independent reading practice. Parental support increases with web-based, school-to-home communications.

Renaissance Learning came to Thinknoise Creative to find a new approach for their iPad Reading application. The application needed to use more of the typical mobile interface patterns. Renaissance Learning was also looking to modernize the visual language of the application to make it more youth centric, as well as appeal more to the parents of a typical K-12 student.


We worked out a visual design study showing three different directions the iPad application could go, including different data visualization approaches for the reading data the application collects over time. The visuals were geared toward the sophisticated audience students of all ages have become. They were also serious enough to be attractive to the parents who would be purchasing the application.