Ingenuity, gene expression.

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Visual Design
Interaction Design


Ingenuity iReport is an interactive web-based report, optimized for gene expression experiments from RNA-Seq, microarray, and real-time PCR platforms, that provides a fast and accurate biological and statistical analysis of your experimental data.

With the main interaction model of a circular representation of a very complex system of data done by the UX designer Graig Upson, the iReport software already had a lot going for it. We got involved to streamline the framework for the data past the great visual representation. When interacting with the circles, setting filters and exploring more details had to be intuitive and align with the branding of other Ingenuity products.


After getting an in depth understanding of the functionality of the application, we started by applying the same font and color sets throughout the application. We also reduced clutter by exposing information successively versus trying to overwhelm user with too much information. We simplified the navigation and added clear indications for the state of the app and the users location. Combined with Craigs great circular interface, the app appears very elegant and easily understandable despite the wealth of information.