Cisco Umi, Teleconferencing for the consumer market.

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In 2010 Cisco planned to introduce umi, a high definition video conferencing calling device for the consumer market. It worked with high definition TVs through an attached high definition video camera, as well as a connected set top box. Umi allowed users around the world to connect with their loved ones right in their living rooms, with crystal clear good video and sound quality.

Umi needed a consumer friendly interface that was minimally intrusive while very intuitive at the same time. The initial experience when setting up the service was meant to be seamless and easy.


Teaming up with UX designers Hal Rucker and Peter Andrea, TNC worked on developing a very simple user interface system that would overlay the live TV experience. The simple yet deep interface allowed to user to browse their contacts, initiate calls while watching TV, and also take calls while watching TV. Additionally we created a smart OOBE (out of the box experience) that made the first encounter with the software easy to follow and reduced calls to the tech support team. While working on the software, we also reviewed and slightly updated the remote control experience.


We filed and received 4 patents for the umi work. For Cisco internal business reasons the umi service was discontinued in the fall of 2012.