Active Textbook, a textbook and more.

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Interaction Design
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Mobile Interface


Active Textbook, by Evident Press, provides students and educators a platform for storing and sharing digital course materials. The digital PDF materials are gathered in a media library and these can be annotated, linked to references, highlighted, and commented by teachers and peers.

Initially, TNC kicked off the project to refresh the basic web interface, but quickly moved to include the tablet app as well. The team at Active Textbook recognized the need for improved functionality and a more engaging user experience on a compatible web and tablet platforms that would be aligned with an expansion of their offer to a wider market in the e-learning environment.


The TNC team worked in tight collaboration with the team at Active Textbook and addressed the web and app tool’s flow and functionality in addition to redesigning and creating all of the icons. With the redesigned tool and enhanced capabilities, instructors and students enjoy fluid communication and discussion. The e-learning experience became seamless and fun.